Why a Westmatic Drive-Through System?

6-Brush Drive-Through


Westmatic offers different types of Large Vehicle Wash Systems in order to best suit your fleet's needs.  Westmatic Drive-Through wash systems are ideal for transits with large fleets of one-hundred or more vehicles.  The average time it takes to wash a typical 40 ft. bus is about 90 seconds, after which your vehicle will come out looking impeccably clean!

Westmatic Drive-Through models include:

Features of a Westmatic Drive-Through Bus Wash and Truck Wash Systems include:

- Extremely Compact Design: Westmatic's state of the art drive-through systems combine an ultra-compact design, along with a revolutionary operational concept.

- High Efficiency:  Uses drastically less water than any other drive-through system on the market. (With the same number of brushes)
- Mirror Protection Program®:  Allows precise control of all aspects of the wash, providing a mirror safe wash.
- Reduced Driver Judgement:  Unlike traditional drive-through systems, driver judgment while traveling through the wash is not an issue. By simply following a traffic light, the driver is guided through the entire wash process. The quality of the front and rear wash does not depend on the speed of the vehicle. Instead of bringing the vehicle to the brushes, we bring the brushes to the vehicle.  The front and the rear of the vehicle are completely cleaned while the vehicle is stopped.  (Through industry-exclusive overlapping brush movements)
- Wash Result:  Westmatic systems are equipped with the latest PLC-technology, incorporating highly advanced programming and electronics. All aspects of the wash process are constantly monitored and adjusted, providing the safest, most efficient and thorough wash result of any machine in the world.
- Low Maintenance:  With all of their sophistication, Westmatic's machines remain very simply to operate and maintain. Requiring less than 30 minutes of preventative maintenance and mechanical adjustments per month.

Since 1974, Westmatic has specialized in the design and manufacturing of automatic bus wash, truck wash, and train wash equipment.  Westmatic can provide the complete solution for your fleet!

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