Winter: Your Fleet's Worst Nightmare

With our headquarters being located in Buffalo, New York, we are more than familiar with the amount of road salt put on the roads in order to make driving less hazardous.  Unfortunately, we are also more than familiar with the amount of damage road salt can cause to vehicles.

Winter's snow and ice storms are just around the corner, which means that your vehicle(s) will be at risk to the harmful effects of road salt.  It is important that your fleet be washed frequently in order to prevent long-term damage to the body of your vehicle(s).  It is also important to pay attention to where the run-off from your vehicle wash is going.  Road salt can be harmful to the environment and drinking water.

The solution is a Westmatic Vehicle Wash system with waste water treatment.  Protect your investment-- routine vehicle care can easily prolong the lifetime of your vehicle.

Contact us today in order to learn about what wash system is best for you!

Since 1974, Westmatic has designed, installed, and services over 2,000 wash bays worldwide.  We specialize in the design of bus wash, truck wash, and train wash systems, as well as waste water treatment.

Westmatic's bus wash, truck wash, and train wash systems are the most environmentally-friendly and efficient systems in the industry!

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