FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions


What are the weekly and monthly maintenance requirements?

Westmatic's systems require only 5-10 minutes of maintenance per week!

What are the space requirements for wash bay installation?

Westmatic manufactures the most compact large vehicle wash systems on the market. Westmatic can often drastically reduce the needed size of a wash bay, therefore reducing new build costs!

Does the vehicle wash system use belts or chains?

Chains are extremely high maintenance; therefore, Westmatic uses maintenance free belts instead of chains.

How does the system prevent damage to the vehicle?

Westmatic implements its industry exclusive Mirror Protection Program on every wash system.  Westmatic's brushes and robotic high pressure spray booms, are constantly monitored through current sensing relays and AMP draw. When the brushes sense a protruding object, the system will "walk-around" the object, and then continue washing passed the difficult area to clean.

How are vehicles with bike racks washed?

Westmatic has developed the 4-Brush Transit-Master Drive-Through and the 6-Brush Drive-Through bus wash systems that are specifically designed for washing up and around bike racks, with brushes. Traditional systems can only offer high pressure spray, which will not deliver a good wash result due to lack of friction.  We will wash with friction, and without damaging the bike rack, vehicle, or the wash equipment itself.

Is the wash system fully automated? (No Joysticks)

Westmatic's systems are fully automated, and are capable of controlling, or moving any part of the wash system through the PLC.

Is there factory direct support?

Our wide service network has factory trained personnel available to assist you with your needs.

Will the system lower my cost of (wash) operation?

Thanks to their Scandinavian design, Westmatic's vehicle wash systems use nearly half of the water, electricity and chemical compared to traditional systems on the market.

How is the recycled water odor controlled?

Westmatic's water recycling system injects natural ozone into the recycled water, ensuring the prevention of bacteria growth, and therefore odor. Traditional water recycling systems may only mask the odor and bacteria growth by dispensing perfumes into the water.  Further water treatment can be provided through our RENAREN Water Purification system which improves the water to a purification level of 99%, without the use of any chemical additives.

What are the warranty requirements?

Westmatic is dedicated to standing behind its wash systems for the life of the equipment.  Each system comes standard with a one-year warranty on parts and labor, and a ten-year warranty on hot-dipped galvanized frame work.


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