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Westmatic Beverage Truck Wash System

by Westmatic

Safe, Efficient and Reliable

Thu, Nov 17th 2011 09:00 am

Westmatic's automatic truck wash, and trailer wash systems are your ideal solution for a clean fleet. Thanks to Westmatic's intelligent automatic truck wash system brushes, there is no need to worry about damaging your fleet's mirrors, windshields nor your trailer graphics. Instead of using air cylinders and chains to drive brush movement and rotation, Westmatic utilizes a trolley / wagon system, with belts. Therefore, maintenance is drastically reduced. Westmatic's automatic truck wash system brush pressure is constantly monitored, which eliminates any concern for damage to your fleet.

automatic truck wash system 



Here's a quote from Neil Tousssaint, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor at Saratoga Eagle Sales and Service:

"If a potential truck wash buyer asked my opinion, I would say that Westmatic is an excellent company to work with, and a technological leader within the truck wash industry. Our experience with Westmatic's automatic truck wash equipment has definitely reshaped my views on how truck washes of the future should be designed, built and operated."

Westmatic has designed, manufactured and installed automatic vehicle wash equipment in over 2000 wash bays worldwide. Since 1974, Westmatic has specialized in large vehicle washing.

Westmatic is proud to serve the beverage wholesaler industry and provide the future of automatic beverage truck wash systems.