Touchless Rollover Wash System


Touchless Rollover Bus Wash System | Truck Wash System

The Westmatic touchless rollover wash system is the ideal machine for irregular shaped vehicles such as, garbage trucks, tanker trucks, heavy duty equipment, and mining equipment. The touchless rollover is capable of washing vehicles ranging from tractor trailers all the way down to cars. This touchless rollover machine thoroughly washes the vehicle using a top horizontal robotic spray arch, and two vertical side robotic spray arches. The arches will intelligently wash in and around difficult areas to reach.

This wash system utilizes Westmatic's high-pressure robotic arches to provide a consistently brilliant wash result. The arches move and operate in the same manner as our brush gantry system, via belt drive. The top horizontal spray arch is capable of washing the front, roof and rear of the vehicle, while the two vertical arches are capable of washing the front, sides and rear with an overlapping movement. 

Throughout the wash cycle, the contour of the vehicle is constantly being monitored via ultra sonic technology. This ensures that the spray arches are at an optimal distance from the vehicle. Applying the most power, while being able to sense and avoid obstacles and hard to reach areas.


  • Fully extendable high-pressure arches, with vehicle contour system
  • Mirror Protection Program
  • Electronically Controlled Arch Pressure
  • Overlapping Arch Movements
  • XBY Control Panel with LCD Touchscreen for Machine Operation / Wash Program Selection
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Frame
  • Heavy Duty Belt Drive for Arch Travel
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • Variable Speed Drives


  • Simplicity for The Wash Operator
  • Simple Troubleshooting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Direct drive offers fewer moving parts and less maintenance than a chain drive. Variable frequency drives offer different travel speeds for the most efficient wash. VFD's also provide for smooth acceleration and deceleration. 
  • Reliable
  • Consistently Brilliant Wash Results

The system is very easy to customize for different vehicle types and sizes. Westmatic's touchless rollover vehicle wash system is often used for fleets comprised of tanker trucks, garbage trucks, mining equipment and other irregular shaped vehicles. transit buses, motorcoach, and straight trucks.

If you would like to receive more information on our touchless rollover system, please contact us here.

Since 1974 Westmatic has specialized in the design and manufacturing of automatic large vehicle wash systems.