Westmatic’s Drive-Through Module

Westmatic's state-of-the-art drive-through train wash systems combine an ultra-compact design with a revolutionary operational concept. The vertical brushes on the Westmatic drive-through move into the center of the wash bay and clean the fronts and rears with an overlapping movement.



Rollover / Gantry Module

The vertical and top brush configuration of the rollover/gantry effectively cleans the sides, front, rear and top of the cars. We can accommodate catenary systems with our unique split brush design.

Water Recycling and Purification

To reduce your ecological impact and water costs add one of our efficient and compact water treatment systems into your wash process.



Optimize Your Wash Bay

Increase the cleaning power with options and accessories from Westmatic. Choose a high-pressure chassis wash, festoon mounted detail wands or manage your fleet with our RFID fleet monitoring system.