Westmatic Water Recycling

WWR-165 & WWR-300

Water Recycling - Stage 1

Water recycling and re-use is both environmentally and fiscally beneficial. It is an increasingly important component of any modern vehicle wash system. Westmatic's proven water reclamation system utilizes cyclonic separation to achieve water quality of 10 microns. Odor control is achieved by use of Ozone injection, which safely and effectively eliminates any odor-causing bacteria in the system, as well as accelerating solids precipitation. This process enables water reclamation of up to 85%, greatly reducing sewer impact fees as well as monthly bills. For decades, Westmatic has been producing effective, cost efficient reclaim equipment that has met the stringent requirements of the Swedish National Environmental Protection Agency and in accordance with ISO 14001 standards. Learn more about water recycling stage 2, and Westmatic's water purification system here