2-Brush Drive-Through

The 2-Brush Drive-Through features two full-length vertical brushes that wash the front, sides and rear of the vehicle using overlapping brush movements.



4-Brush Drive-Through

The Westmatic 4-Brush system has a set of brushes wash the front, sides and rear of the vehicle while a second set of brushes counter-rotate which eliminates shadowing on the side of the vehicle.



Our Brushes Make the Difference

Westmatic's brushes are electronically controlled eliminating the need for high-maintenance pneumatic air cylinder components. The brushes are feather light and pre-flagged. This exclusive design gives you the most cost-efficient water and chemical delivery possible. Our brushes provide a safe, gentle friction cleaning which protects vehicle graphics and paint.



Space Saver

Wash bay space requirements/footprint can be drastically reduced by choosing a Westmatic bus wash or truck wash system, delivering cost savings for new builds and easy wash bay retro-fitting.



Water Recycling and Purification

To reduce your ecological impact and water costs add one of our efficient and compact water treatment systems into your wash process.



Optimize Your Wash Bay

Increase the cleaning power with options and accessories from Westmatic. Choose a high-pressure chassis wash, festoon mounted detail wands or manage your fleet with our RFID fleet monitoring system.