The Touchless Rollover is best described as a "pull in and park" style wash. The rollover system is ideal for smaller fleets that don't have a demanding vehicle wash schedule. The driver enters the wash bay and parks the vehicle. The system moves over the vehicle, washing it thoroughly.                                     

This machine utilizes 3 robotic high-pressure arches. One horizontal top arch, and two vertical side arches. The sequence of operation is similar to the 3-brush rollover system while utilizing high pressure versus brushes. The top horizontal arch can wash the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle. The robotic arches move into the center of the wash bay, washing the front and rear with an overlapping movement. The arches will also wash down the sides of the vehicle, with oscillating nozzles. The touchless rollover is one of the very few touchless systems in the world capable of self-adjusting to different widths and irregularities of heavy vehicles and equipment.Touchless Rollover Systems in Canada